Thursday, July 24, 2014

International Barbie #Barbie Project

The best memories of my childhood are summer vacations to the beach with my family.  As a parent who is often going in a million directions any quality time away with my hubby and our daughters mean the world to me!  This summer we were able to take the girls on their first international trip!  They received their passports prior to the trip and were super excited about going out of the country and getting their very first passport stamp.  I didn't get my passport until a few years ago and was so overjoyed when I received mine.  I remember being so in awe that I could now travel anywhere in the world!

As soon as they received their passports, my daughter created a 'mock passport' for her Barbie doll Nicki.  She made sure that her passport was packed with the rest of the families passports before we left.

The day of the trip the girls were buzzing and ready to go!  Ms. Kennedy changed her Entrepreneur Barbie into her pilot outfit and packed her in her carry on bag.  This was my youngest daughter's first plane ride so this trip was special in many ways.

Kennedy Making Sure That She Had Her Dolls Passport Ready!

They Are Ready For Take Off!
It was so neat seeing my daughter's excitement as we took off into the sky.  She giggled during take off and kept her nose pressed to the glass as we flew above the clouds!  We landed in Mexico ready to explore.  We passed through customs and the girls received their first stamp. Kennedy wanted to have Barbie present her mock passport to the customs agent but I didn't think that would go over to well, didn't want Barbie to get detained with fake!!
We had a great time at the beach, relaxing in the pool, eating great food and visiting beautiful Mayan Ruins during our long weekend away.
 Could Not Get This One Out Of The Pool!

Both of my daughters also went snorkeling for the first time with their dad. I am NOT a swimmer and I was just so amazed that both of my daughters especially Ms. Kennedy hopped right into the middle of the ocean with no fear!  They saw beautiful coral reefs, stingrays, eels, jellyfish and exotic fish, Dory from Finding Nemo to be exact!
Kennedy got out of the water grinning from ear to ear. She said over and over that snorkeling was the best thing that she has ever done in her WHOLE life and the best part of the trip!  It was a truly priceless moment as a parent, and made the whole trip worth while exposing them to different cultures, worlds and adventures! What a blessing!

I'm excited to see how Kennedy's playtime will be shaped by her new experiences! I will have a lot to share in my upcoming posts I am sure!  I can not believe the summer is winding down and the girls will be back in school in a few short weeks, where did it go???   We would love to hear about your adventures and any special playtime experiences that you have had with your daughters or sons this summer! Be sure to leave a comment on our blog or share them on the Barbie Project website or on our website, social networks Facebook or Twitter!
Cheers to the rest of the summer and Adios Amigos!!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mission Impossible In The Jungle #BarbieProject

Wow I can not believe we are about halfway through the summer! Where has it gone?? We have been super busy my way but my daughter Kennedy has been squeezing in her playtime around our crazy schedule for sure!  Last week I found Ms. Kennedy taking Barbie and her pals on a jungle adventure.  They started off with a little camping and conversation around a fire. These dolls are really decked out to be roughing it in the!
Barbie and Nikki stumble upon some sick animals. Lucky for these animals
Nikki is a veterinarian and a expert in making them feel better!

After checking on the animals she enters their information into her tablet,
I guess there is Wifi in the jungle?? Who knew?

Nikki explores all of her findings and she and Barbie get to work making the animals all better!

I left her to her playtime and got busy with cooking dinner.  A few hours later, I hear Kennedy and her big sister running upstairs, I hear something banging on the wall in the foyer.  I find her and her sister (16 years old mind you) with some ribbon and rope taped together looking over the banister.  Evidently her playtime had continued into the evening from earlier.  All of I sudden I see Barbie and Nikki flying threw the air, one going one way and the other going another.  Kennedy quickly runs down the stairs and tries again.

Evidently they were in the middle of an adventure, a mission impossible assignment, in the jungle.  With her older sisters help they perfected a bungee cord for Barbie and Nikki's assignment!  It was so hilarious watching them throw the dolls off the balcony.  I grabbed my phone and started recording. Her big sister found the mission impossible theme song on her phone. They reenacted the scene and my technology savvy teen was able add some special slow motion effects to my cell phone video.  They got a big kick out of seeing Barbie in action!

Here's the video!

I love seeing how my oldest daughter gets involved with her sister's playtime. I'm learning that we are never too old or grown up to play with Barbie!  Here's what happens when teens these days play with Barbie!  A few weeks ago my oldest daughter took my phone and positioned her sister's doll to take her own selfie!


This project has been very eye opening for me as a mom and also very rewarding. I'm amazed at the things that they come up with!  I'm looking forward to the next adventures that are discovered in her playtime.  Kennedy recently received her first passport and we have a trip planned in which she will get her first passport stamp.  She plans to take Barbie on her trip and when she got her passport this past week she cut out her dolls picture from the back of one of her Barbie boxes and taped it into a 'mock' passport book we received last year during a Passport Party project that my non-profit participated in. It came out so cute. She has it with our passports ready for a trip abroad! Can't wait to share those adventures soon!

What fun things are you and your daughters getting into this summer? We would love to hear about your adventures and any special playtime experiences that you have had this summer with Barbie! Be sure to leave a comment on our blog or share them on the Barbie Project website or on our website, social networks Facebook or Twitter!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello July!

“Life is like a camera . .focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”
  Author Unknown

It is July 1st. We are halfway through the year.  I feel something in my spirit pushing me forward to have faith that although half the year has past I might not be where I want to be, but there is still time. I am a strong woman of faith. God has brought me through many things as a child, girl, teen, woman, mom and wife.  So many challenges that knocked me on my face. However with God, He always picked me up, heard my prayers and answered them in ways that exceeded my expectations.  I often feel that I am a failure that I will never get to where I need to be with my dreams for Empower Her, Inc. and other personal goals. Today instead of feeling the failure that half the year is gone and I’m not where I need to be, I choose to have FAITH, that I will finish strong with His guidance and make a difference in the world in His way!

Let’s keep the faith today as we cross this halfway mark for the year putting the setbacks behind us and finishing strong! It's never to late to pursue your dreams, go for your goals, or change the world!

Cheers to the rest of 2014!