Friday, October 9, 2015

Imagine The Possibilities!

Whew! It's been a minute since I have had a chance to sit down and post anything!  I can not believe how time is flying. I have been in major mommy mode, with a first year middle school student and a high school senior, boohoo.  I can not believe how time is flying, I just want to press pause and spend as much time as I can with my family!  Lately we have been extremely busy navigating this crazy college application process with my oldest daughter Kayla.  Senior pictures, SAT test, applications, college visits you name it we are doing it!  At this very moment we are knee deep in college essays trying to help her sum up her purpose and the meaning of life in 650 words or less!

 My Oldest Daughter During One of Our Recent College Tours
 Deep Philosophical Conversations on Campus!

In the middle of all of my chaos I came across the latest happenings with Barbie and just fell in love with their newest campaign which focuses on the importance of play and the possibilities that come from children's imaginations during playtime.  Through my work with the Barbie Project this past year and exploring my youngest daughter's playtime I am all to familiar with the ways children explore and get carried away with their vivid imaginations!   I was blown away by the ways that Kennedy played with her Barbie's and the many careers and adventures that she explored in the comforts of her room.  I loved seeing Barbie turn into an engineer and construct her own elevator for her dollhouse,  becoming a pilot and flying her own plane and joining Kennedy as she conducted science experience in her own imaginary lab.

 Kennedy and Barbie In Her Chemistry Lab

So when I saw Barbie's new video/film "Imagine the Possibilities" that throws adorable little kids and their imaginations into scenarios with real unsuspecting audiences, I just had share as I really love seeing children use their imaginations to create so many possibilities in their little worlds! Check out the video below!


How cute is that!!  My favorite parts were the adults reactions to the little business woman, the veterinarian and the college professor.  "Can your cat fly? My cat can".. too funny!

As I watch my oldest daughter embark on her college career with aspirations to go into sports medicine with a dream to help athletes heal and recover from injuries I think of the little girl in the film who imagined herself as a soccer coach during her playtime with her toys in her room, maybe becoming that coach one day and leading her team to the World Cup.  I think of Kennedy growing up and being in her own lab one day  maybe even finding the cure for cancer and the possibility that it started with her big imagination as a little girl! 

Super happy that Barbie is using their platform to empower girls once again and love their new tagline ~  "Champion A World Where All Girls Pursue Their Limitless Possibilities"!! Bravo! Check out their new video and campaign by clicking here!  Be sure to leave a comment and tell us some of the amazing adventures that your son or daughter explores when they play! Also I welcome any college navigation tips to help me and my hubby stay sane during this process!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Everyone Is Welcome - #Barbie Project

This past week we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King Jr. a great civil rights activist that brought amazing change to our country. His holiday is a great time of year to reflect on the history of this country and how far we have come.  I like to remind my daughters of the many privileges that they have because of the sacrifices of people like Martin Luther King, Jr.

The other day my daughter and I discussed what it must have been like to live during segregation/civil rights movement, to be judged and treated unfairly just because of your skin color. I told her that my parents and her great grandmother grew up here in Georgia during that time. We discussed what it must have been like to go to segregated schools. My grandmother was an elementary school teacher and taught during segregation and desegregation. Kennedy was surprised and wondered what it must have been like.  We sat down and she decided to take her Barbie's back in time.

As she played I asked her how she would feel if she was not allowed to go into certain places just because of the color of her skin, she said that she would be angry and sad.  She said that people shouldn't judge or treat another person badly because of how they look or for any reason. She was glad that she did not live during that time and was grateful to all of the pioneers who made things better for her.  We talked about how she should always be proud of who she is, even if someone treats her different because of how she looks or acts.

Ms. Kennedy Creating Change!!

Everyone Is Welcome!

Even Doggies Are Welcome!
I have been surprised many times during this last year that I have been a part of the Barbie Project.  This was one of them for me, I didn't realize what a great tool her dolls have been to explore different topics and issues.  I have really enjoyed taking a peek into her playtime, it has been very eye opening and entertaining at times. Last night I found my 16 year old down on the floor playing with her sister. We had been prom shopping earlier that day, and Barbie and all of her friends went shopping for dresses and went to the prom!  Never too old for Barbie! 
We would love to hear ways that you have used your child's playtime as a teachable moment!  Be sure to leave a comment on our blog, or on the Barbie Project webpage. Thanks everyone for taking the time to follow our journey during this project!

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