Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Are Winning!

I don't know about you but I feel like the last few months have truly been kicking my butt, one obstacle and battle after the other. Geesh!!!  After such a great start to my 2012 it would seem that everything came to a screeching halt and it is as if I have been pulled into a boxing fight that I didn't sign up for nor was I prepared for, physically mentally and spiritually!  It started with my youngest daughter getting pneumonia, having two allergic reactions to medications and several trips to the ER/doctor's office, then going through a crazy move, to battling things as a mom, wife, employee and every other area in my life.  You name it, it seemed like forces beyond my control have been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at me and my family lately.

I looked at myself the other day in the mirror and was like WHOA..what happened, I truly feel like I have literally been in a battle, bruises and bandages all over my body, spirit and soul.  I woke up today in tears as it seems that I get through one thing and then another thing pops up out of no where.  As I drove to work today blinded by my tears, I began to get angry, as all my life I seem to have battled craziness and I was finally getting a break and that great things were coming my way and I was on the right path.  Then BAM out of no where I was dragged into this boxing ring of life ducking, dodging, getting punched and knocked out!  I was crying out to God like... "okay what happened what am I doing wrong..PLEASE make it stop!!

God brought to my mind the controversial boxing fight this past weekend between champion fighter Manny Pacquia and Timothy Bradley.  I am not a big fan of boxing but happened to be watching the fight with my hubby and family friends. All I knew was that this Pacquia guy was supposed to be one of the biggest and best champion fighters.  Everyone knew that the odds were against Bradley.  For those who didn't watch the fight, Bradley got his butt kicked during all the rounds, but managed to get in punches and keep going. I was totally rooting for him the whole time..something about underdogs!!

Boxing Fight June 2012 Timothy Bradley (left) vs. Manny Pacquia (right)

He even broke his foot and twisted his ankle during the second round and had to be wheeled out in a wheelchair after the fight..but you know what, he ended up WINNING THE FIGHT!  The scorecard was a split decision although it clearly should have gone to Pacquia.  As I dried my tears today I heard God say, "You are Winning, Kara, no matter what it looks like you are winning, in fact you have WON already"!  That word exploded in my spirit and I immediately remember how shocked everyone looked during that boxing match and how much controversy the decision has caused and how they want to take his belt and everything, but the decision stands. 

Bradley with his belt after the fight..bruised and battered but he won!


I realized today that I am winning and that this is part of life, especially when you are called to empower and change the lives of people especially women and girls.   These things have thrown me for a loop, but today I realize that I have won this fight in the end with God on my side! 

I heard TD Jakes say the other day that when trials and obstacles come, instead of thinking that they are pushing you further from your goal, think of a bow and arrow and how in order to hit the target you have to PULL the bow further and further back before you release it. 

He said that each obstacle..trial..and thing that comes your way is pulling your bow further and further back and when it is time to let go and release it.....WHOOOSHHHHH...that arrow flies through the air with such force and hits the target!!!!!!!  So today I am choosing to believe that instead of being beat up, being knocked down, and being pushed further from my goal, I am closer than I think.  I am ready to RELEASE..and hit my target and do what God has called me to do through my non-profit, Empower Her, Inc., my event planning company, Events By Kara and our girls mentoring program G.E.M.S. & Jewels Empowerment Group for girls! 

 I realized this week that during the last 12 months before all of this mess started, I obtained my 501 c (3) status, obtained my LLC , planned, designed and executed my 1st conference for women (PLWG Leadership Conference in October 2011), put together 4 fabulous events for family and friends some of which had over 50 people,  did two empowerment parties (my passion), became a Certified Event planner in Jan 2012, was a featured panelist & sponsor at Dr. Tanya's Unplugged Retreat in February 2012, and was a vendor and photographer at Tierra Destiny Reid's Design Your Destiny Event in Atlanta in April!  It hit me, according to my score card...I am kicking butt in this fight and accomplished all of these things in the last 10 months!!!!! 

I heard this message last night right before another battle (I truly think that things get really hard because something so great is right around the corner) that put my focus back on track.  I know that something BIG is coming my way with what God has given me, and I wanted to share all of this today to empower us all to keep going no matter what stage we are in, whether its a battle or if things are going fabulous! 

I know it's been a while since I posted anything and I appreciate every ones support and patience with me and my vision! Let's get ready to HIT THE MARK in this second half of 2012!!

Here's the message..let's do BIG THINGS:

"Something Bigger Is On The Way"-Joel Osteen (audio..kind of long but worth it)

I always like to end with a song of inspiration, and I heard this, this morning, I hope it will uplift someone like it did me today! This test is your storm, but let's keep holding on!!!

Let's continue the fight and fly with like the speed of an arrow and truly live empowered lives!