Monday, February 4, 2013

Empower Her Inc & Passport Party Project! (Atlanta)


We are so excited to announce that Empower Her, Inc. is partnering with the "Passport Party Project"  a philanthropic initiative that aims to provide girls ages 11-15 from diverse backgrounds the tools they need to obtain their first passport!   This initiative was started by Tracey Friley an award-winning travel blogger, and Founder/Executive Director of  OBG Adventures, and®.  I connected with Tracey years ago and she has always had a passion for travel and spreading that love to girls and women especially.  To see her vision grown into this national project helps me to know that your gifts and talents can grow into big things that will make a HUGE impact in the world. We just have to go out there and do it! .
 “I hope that by getting girls their first passports, they view themselves and their place in the world in a whole new way. I hope they continue to learn and teach tolerance of other cultures both at home and abroad. I hope they see the change that is needed in the world and then consider
how they might help."~Tracey Friley
Tracey is inviting ten girls in ten different American cities to participate in these travel-themed celebrations, or “Passport Parties".  Expedia,  the world's largest online travel agency, is the offical Travel Sponsor for this project as well as a Grand Prize! After the 10 city tour, six grand prize winners will be selected out of the 100 girls that received their passport.  These lucky girls (along with their respective parents/guardians) will receive an all-expense paid 5 day and 4 nights trip to beautiful Belize, Central America in July 2013.  What a great way to their first passport stamp!  Thank you Expedia..whoohoo!
We are honored to be the 7th stop on her tour and that 10 girls from our non-profit agency will be able to participate in this life changing event being held at the Omni Hotel in the CNN Center on February 23rd, 2013!  As a thirty-eight year old woman who just received her passport and started traveling outside of the US within the last few years this project  is so important!  When I received my passport I flipped through the empty pages and immediately began to dream about the many places that I could travel to.  It opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. How awesome would it be for a girl to start this journey early in life and realize her place in the world and plant the seeds of global awareness! Thank you Tracey for spreading your passion for travel to girls in our area and around the world!
Photo Source: The Passport Party Project Website
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