Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Merging Your Career and Passion

One of my many passions is photography. I am known for whipping out my camera at any given moment and capturing moments.  It drives my family crazy at times when they are my subjects!

Photo Credit: Kustom Kreations & Photography
My dear photographer friend captured this picture of me recently at Spark and Hustle in Atlanta a few months ago.  Notice the camera and pen in my hand!  I was trying to take notes, but I could not resist whipping out my camera and taking!  It is a powerful example of how I struggle to figure out how to merge my many passions into my career.  I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I know I have several gifts that God has given me and as I forge forward on my mission to empower, different talents seem to pop up at different times on my journey causing me to question what exactly I am supposed be doing. I'm good at empowering girls, yet I have passions help women as well. I love planning amazing empowerment events, parties and programs yet, I love being behind the camera capturing moments. It sends me spinning in many directions at times!

I was talking with a powerful woman in the empowerment movement, Derschaun Sharpley, founder of H.I.S. Agency, the other night and she summed up this perfectly.  She described it like getting in your car ready to go full speed a head towards your dream/mission and then a squirrel (in my life this would be obstacles and setbacks) darts in front of the car and you slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it. Then once that passes, a car comes out of nowhere and cuts in front of you and you have to slow down for that, and you find yourself puttering along with all of these different things that come your way, not getting any traction! Can I get an AMEN to that!

I experienced this last Sunday as I was feeling a little stuck and decided to take my daughters and my camera on an adventure to a local nature and heritage center in my area.  I had heard earlier that day, that if you want something different in your life you need to do something different. So we hopped in the car.  We had an amazing time and I felt so alive exploring with my daughters and  capturing them and the beautiful sites.
Here are a few of the pictures...

Loved this white picket fence!

Loved this barn and red door!

Sisterhood Rocks!!

I was blown away at how beautiful the pictures turned out and the overwhelming feedback that I got when I posted them to my online communities.  I can take no credit for how they turned out and really feel that God truly blesses us with talents that are hidden and known.   This experience helped me to realize that if He gives us these passions and gifts He will also show us how to combine them and create a career with them if that is our desire.  We just have to trust the process and take it a day at a time as He unfolds that plan for us! 

I came up with the following posters with a few of the pics that I took that I plan to use for marketing materials for Empower Her, Inc.  I was actually playing around with my images and quotes that I love and realized that I had marketing materials that now featured my very own daughters!  Again just in awe at how God does amazing things to guide me on my journey and all through my little hands and vision! 

My youngest daughter..I know she will change the world and inspire others!

My oldest daughter..after I looked at this shot it looked as if she WAS dreaming
about a bright future!

I always like to end with a little video inspiration, so I wanted to share this powerful speech given by my new role model Nell Merlino, the founder of Count Me In and Make Mine a Million a non-profit that helps women business owners take their businesses to new levels! She also was the vision behind the Take Your Daughters To Work Day movement! I tell you one woman's vision can change the world!! 

Please feel free to leave a message and tell us about your vision or ways you are merging your careers and passion!!

Here's The Speech..So Many Great Tips!

Let's Continue Merging and Dreaming Big!!