Friday, October 31, 2014

Raising Empowered & Ambitious Girls - #Barbie Project

So a few weeks ago, my youngest daughter, Kennedy, came home and announced that she was running for a position on her 5th grade Student Council.  She decided to run for Student Council Secretary. Of course me being Mrs. 'Empowerment' Mom, I asked why she didn't run for President or Vice President. Any daughter of mine should be President..right? She explained to me that she was VERY busy with her school schedule, homework and rehearsal four days a week for her lead part in her school play. With so many things going on she didn't want to take on too much, she wanted to be able to manager everything.  My daughters hear me talk all the time about how important it is to not take on too much, especially as a mom and to create some sense of balance in our everyday lives. I was telling this story to a friend of mine and she said, "You know she is talking just like you, right?"  I didn't even realize the correlation when she initially gave me her answer until my friend pointed it out. As moms and parents we truly do have a huge impact on our children, they are listening and watching what we do all the time. Wow!

Kennedy made it past the primary election and was on the official ballot. She focused her attention on her signs that she could place around the school.  She gathered her supplies and once again pulled out Barbie and friends to help with her campaign.

Barbie & Nikki - Official "Team Kennedy" Campaign Members 
Kennedy was super excited to kick off her "Vote Kennedy for Student Council Secretary" campaign.  She was ready to chant "Take Note....Vote For Kennedy!!!" in the school hallways and shake lots of hands..too cute! After her campaign week, she finalized her speech that she would deliver to an auditorium full of fourth and fifth grade students. She practiced in front of the family and with Barbie, I'm sure she was probably less nervous in front of her dear Barbie friends!  She gave a great speech but said she was super nervous and messed up on some parts. 


As a girl and teen I never had the drive to go for things like this,  I was very shy and insecure. I was afraid of failure.  Both of my daughters are self motivated to try different things and are so fearless. I am amazed at the things that they go after and their confidence.  I try to instill in them that they can do anything, and it is okay to try things and fail.  I also expose them to fearless women and girl role models, through the work that I do in my community and with my non-profit.  Earlier this week I had my daughters watch this new mini documentary about Mo'Ne Davis a 13 year old girl baseball pitcher that is defying all the odds and creating a new meaning to "Throw Like A Girl" with her 70 mile per hour fastball..whohoo!

Mo'Ne Davis (Image Credit: Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated)

I also love that brands like Barbie are using their platform to show girls that anything is possible, like with President Barbie and their new Entrepreneur Barbie. It is important that our girls see women and girls in leadership roles! Kennedy aka Future President of The United States of America has a nice ring to it!

Kennedy's President Barbie, Love Her Platform!
After all of Kennedy's hard work she ended up not winning her school election.  I was so nervous for her as a mom and hoped that she would win.  When she got the news she was initially disappointed and a little sad, but she told us that she knew that she was super busy and that maybe this was a good thing as she could stay focused more on school and the other activities going on in her life. This great attitude from a 10 year old! We told her how proud we were of her along the way and that whatever the outcome was at least she tried and it was a great experience that would prepare her for many great things to come.   I am truly a proud mommy to have such amazing daughters!

How do you instill confidence and ambition in your sons or daughters? Do you have children that grew up like I did, with a lack of self confidence and are afraid to try new things? We would love to hear your thoughts and stories as it is not easy raising empowered girls and boys!  Be sure to share your experiences and comments below or on the official Barbie Project website!

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