Monday, August 11, 2014

Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer - #Barbie Project

Today was the first day of school for my daughters! My oldest daughter started 11th grade and my youngest started the 5th grade. I can't believe that I only have a few more years with my oldest daughter before she goes to college and that this will be the last year of elementary school for my youngest. Where did the time go??? Sniff Sniff!

They had a fantastic first day today and came home full of excitement for what the new school year will bring.  Over the weekend I talked to both of them about setting goals for the new school year and to start thinking about what they wanted to accomplish this year.  I told them about the power of visualization and focusing on the positive outcomes they would like to have. I suggested that they do a vision board which is a fun way to dream big and put your ideas on paper.  I love to do vision boards and  have been surprised at the many things that came to fruition when you dream in detail. (check out my previous post on this topic).

So I picked up some poster board over the weekend, pulled out magazines and supplies.   My youngest daughter, Kennedy, came home from school today and immediately started working on hers.  I was surprised to see that she had brought down her Barbie dolls to serve as her assistants for this project!

Kennedy Cutting Out Pictures For Her Vision Board
Barbie and Friends Helping To Create Her Vision Board

Get A's, Awesome Test Scores and Barbie Dream House
Kennedy's Vision Board Coming Together Nicely!
Love seeing some of the amazing things that she put on her board: Straight A's Do Awesome On CRCT or Any Test , Get A Barbie Dream House, Be The Smartest Kid In Her Class, Meet Fifth Harmony. She is aiming for a great school year!  Her big sister was inspired by her board and plans to work on hers this week as well. She is already coming up with ideas for her board, like what college she wants to get accepted into, receiving a academic/soccer scholarship, getting all A's, prom dresses and a car (umm yeah!
I love this quote/poster I made a few years ago which features my oldest daughter.  I came across it today and feel that it is a perfect theme for this school year!
Wishing all of the students and parents a great and safe school year this year!  Please be sure to share you dreams/goals or other cool ways that your children use their playtime to dream big! Be sure to leave a comment on our blog or share them on the Barbie Project website or on our website, social networks Facebook or Twitter!