Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kennedy's Holiday Give Back Project 2014 - #barbieproject

This holiday season my youngest daughter decided to take items off of her Christmas list and use the money that we would have spent on her presents and purchase gifts for less fortunate girls in our community.  I was so proud of Kennedy as I watched her cross several items off of her Christmas list.  What a sweet girl!

We have enjoyed being a part of the Barbie Project this past year and Kennedy gets so much out of her playtime with Barbie.  She decided to give dolls as her gift.  We decided to purchase specific Barbies that focused on careers like Doctors, Teachers, Astronauts and Business Women to give. Kennedy wanted to include a special girl power note to go with each gift.

On her birthday we went to our local toy store and shopped for the Barbie dolls for her Holiday Giveback Project. Mattel's Barbie team heard about Kennedy's philanthropic spirit and also donated some dolls for her cause!  Kennedy was so thrilled!

Kennedy sat down and started working on the special notes that would go with each Barbie. She typed up empowerment messages that she would include on her notes. I just love what she came up with!

Getting More Ideas For Her Girl Power Cards To Go With Each Doll.

She got to work writing out her cards. She collected 20 dolls/accessories for her project.  We wrapped up each doll in cute pink wrapping paper!

Kennedy Wrapping Her Gifts For Her Give Back Project!


Finally all the presents were wrapped and ready to go!  Kennedy and I both got sick with the flu the week before and leading up until Christmas and were unable to deliver the gifts ourselves but through a few local churches, the dolls will be distributed on Christmas day to girls in shelters and to several families in need in the metro Atlanta area.  We will update this post once the gifts are delivered.  I am just so proud to be a mom of girls who love to give rather than receive!  Big thanks also to the Barbie team for donating items for Kennedy's project, you Rock!! 
Here is a final video of Kennedy preparing the special notes and packages!  We pray that you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

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