Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kennedy aka Interior Designer #Barbie Project

I can not believe its been almost six months since my daughter and I started the Barbie Project. Where has the time gone?  Watching Ms. Kennedy and her big sister on this journey has been so rewarding.  Kennedy's creativity and imagination never cease to amaze me. From building elevators to starting a new business,  Kennedy's Space Boot Camp, Kennedy comes up with some pretty cool things during her playtime.

Recently Kennedy was inspired by some curtains that she saw in a hair salon over the weekend.She begged me all the way home to stop and buy curtains for her door in her room. Her exact words were  "Can you and daddy tear down my door so that I can put up curtains instead?"  I explained to her that we would NOT be tearing down her door and that we would look for some curtains for her windows for a future home project. I watched as she folded her arms and started to pout in the rear view mirror, her mind not letting the idea rest. Then all of a sudden a light bulb went off and she told me that she did not need to go shopping she would look through some of my tablecloths and fabrics that I used for my empowerment parties.  She was so happy! 

So we arrive home and she goes flying upstairs to my home office and started pulling out bins in my closet.  She found some fabric and ran downstairs and asked if she could use it.  She was already back upstairs before I could get my 'yes' out.  I walked by a few times and saw Kennedy aka Interior Designer busy cutting and measuring.  She had pulled out her Fashion Designer Barbie and they got to work!

Barbie With Her Measuring Tape and Scissors

Kennedy used a few thumb tacks and some old shower curtain rings that she found and created a very nice curtain for her bathroom room!  I was very impressed that she had cut the one piece of fabric in such a creative way.

After getting her curtains up, she went to work adding some custom curtains to Barbie's dollhouse.

Barbie Busy Taking Measurements!

Both Designers Showing Off Their Work!!


She was so proud when she showed me how they worked when she took the rings off.  She loved going in and out of the curtains when they were closed!  I enjoy seeing how she always includes her dolls in her adventures and the many things she comes up with during her playtime  We would love to hear about the creative projects that your children have taken on in their playtime adventures as well! Be sure to leave a comment on our blog or share them on the Barbie Project website www.barbieproject.com or on our website, social networks Facebook or Twitter!